Eton College photography


How to choose & send us your favourite images

In November 2019 you will be able to send us all your favourite images across all the galleries at the same time - unfortunately this new system is not yet in place and you must currently send us your favourites from each gallery independently.


To choose and send us your favourites please follow the 3 easy steps A, B & C as below:

A) In a gallery mark an image using the 'Favourite Button' underneath the image and a 'Gold Star' will appear in the left corner of the image.

B) By clicking on the 'Favourites Button' at the top of the gallery you will see all your chosen favourite images from that gallery. You can also remove favourites.

C) Click on the 'Email Button' and we will receive your favourite selection.


When we have received your favourite image list/s we will make an initial book design for you to view online in a password protected gallery. You are welcome to be involved in the book design.

From this initial design you may make changes and only when you are happy with the design will it be sent it to the printers.


When designing a book our approach is "Less is More". Giving images space to breathe should be a design layout consideration.

Some pages can feature just 1 image on a page and even across a double spread, we recommend no more than 4 images per page. In the initial design we may also convert a couple of images into black & white.


Do you have a favourite image for the cover? And some text that we can overlay on the image? If you wish we can also overlay the Eton College shield.