Wedding Photofilm

We are pleased to offer our couples the possibility of booking a Wedding Photofilm.

What is a Wedding Photofilm? it is a 6-10 minute long HD quality film we produce ourselves using the still photographs we have taken at your wedding which we edit together with our own recorded audio and licensed music. These inexpensive films can also be seen as an alternative to hiring a wedding videographer.

The Photographs

Some 60-100 carefully chosen images we have taken at your wedding can be used in your Wedding Photofilm. When we photograph a wedding we often take images specifically with your future album design in mind, the same is for your Wedding Photofilm.

The Audio

We use small unobtrusive stereo digital recorders that are only a little larger in size and weight than a Mars Bar. We place these recorders somewhere where they will not be seen such as behind a flower arrangement etc, we also use small discreet lapel microphones. We will record the audio from the wedding's key moments such as the wedding ceremony and speeches.

The Music

We only use licensed music, we are clients at 3 agencies that between them offer thousands of both vocal & instrumental songs. We can also with their kind permission use the audio from others at your wedding such as a choir during the ceremony or the band in the evening.

The Viewing

Our Wedding Photofilms are specifically made for today’s modern medium and they look amazing viewed on tablets, smart phones and laptops. The finished film will be in HD quality and will be ready for you to share on your social media - you will also receive all the uncut audio from the wedding.