Reform Club Wedding Photography

Reform Club Wedding Photography
Reform Club Wedding Photography
Reform Club Wedding Photography
Reform Club Wedding Photography
Reform Club Wedding Photography
Reform Club Wedding Photography

Reform Club Wedding Photography | Jessica & Tom’s Wedding

This was a wonderful wedding that was celebrated with some 200 family and friends from the worlds of Theatre (Jessica) & Law (Tom). A lovely London wedding with a ceremony held in one of London’s oldest Parish Church’s and with their guests transported in 3 iconic London Routemaster busses to a wonderful private club on the Pall Mall.


Tom got ready with his 2 best men Bobby & James, all went well and it was noticeable that they were all good friends. The only blip was Tom’s indecision of what to wear: grey tie + blue waist coat or blue tie + grey waist coat. The choice fell to the grey tie. Bobby had forgotten his waist coat and he went off to buy one on the way to the church. Tom & James took a cab to a restaurant for lunch and they later all met up with friends at a pub near the church.


Jessica got ready at her parents house together with her mum Caroline and “a lot of people everywhere” said Marianne. They had good fun and most if not all of the 8 in the bridal party were in the house at some point. The time went by quicker than Jessica had planned and in the end it was a rush when the cab arrived.

Walking into St Bart’s (The church St Bartholomew the Great) was like walking into the Tardis – deceptively small on the outside huge on the inside, it was a wow moment seeing the spectacular Apse (semi-dome) for the first time.
The church (founded in 1123) has been used for many film & television productions including Four Weddings and a Funeral. It is also decorated with some amazing contemporary art such Exquisite Pain by Damien Hirst and Radiance by Sukhi Barber.


St Bart’s Rector the very cheerful Dr Martin Dudley and the church warden stood on the pavement and waited for Jessica who arrived in a Black Cab, she looked very excited. Tom was waiting at the alter with Bobby & James and on the sight of Jessica walking towards him he shed some tears. The service went well and the choir sung beautifully.
After the service their friends and family lined the walkway from the church and they threw confetti & petals over them as they walked past, at the end of the line waiting in his wheel chair was Jessica’s grandfather Richard who received an extra hug.


We took Jessica & Tom’s portraits on the Millennium Bridge with its wonderful backdrop over the City of London to the North and The Shard to the South East. The only problem was that the light was fading fast and we had just a 20 minute window. The other problem was that the Millennium Bridge was heaving with hundreds of tourists making their way to the Tate Modern. We did however have a cunning plan.
With the help of ushers Aaron & Bob and on a given signal they asked people to stop walking in either direction for just a few short minutes which created a free space of 100m which was enough to for us photograph Jessica & Tom on their own. It worked. It was very considerate of all those on the bridge that day.


Since 1841 The Reform Club has been housed in it present location on 104 Pall Mall. It was from this club that Jules Verne’s creation Phileas Fogg started and finished his journey to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days – Michael Palin was to also begin and end his own 80 day journey at the club.
The club was beautifully decorated and it was a wonderful scene looking down from the gallery to the Saloon below where drinks were served and everybody was mingling before dinner which was served in the Coffee Room (the traditional name for the restaurant). The speeches went well and they were followed by the cutting of the cake and then the first dance which saw the dance floor filling up as the jazz band started playing. Jessica & Tom must have some amazing memories from their wonderful wedding day.


Wedding Date | 17th December 2016.
Ceremony | St Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield, London.
Reception | The Reform Club, London.
Make up | Emily Wilcox.
Hair Dresser | Dani Michalski.
Florist | Richard Felton at Feltons Florists.
Entertainment | Neil Skidmore at JSO Entertainment.
Reform Club Decoration (not flowers) | Colin Twine & the staff of the Reform Club.
Band | The Diamond Collective.
A special thank you to | St Bartholomew’s Rector Dr Martin Dudley.