The story behind the image #22 Rainy Weddings

Rainy Weddings
The story behind the image #22 Rainy Weddings – by Mark

Rain on your wedding day does not have to mean a complete disaster … naturally nobody wants it to rain but as far as the photography goes rainy weddings can produce some really nice images.
It poured down at Georgina & Neil’s wedding last year which was a shame as when you plan for a wedding in June you expect lovely Summer weather … as it happened the bad weather eventually passed over and unbelievably their guests were able to take drinks outside in the garden and even play croquet in the early evening sunshine. Normally we would hold our portrait session after the ceremony whilst the welcome drinks are served but with Georgina & Neil we waited until after the wedding breakfast and at just after 6pm a window of opportunity presented itself and we went outside.

As Georgina & Neil walked towards me with Hampden House behind them the low setting sun suddenly appeared though a small gap in the passing storm and backlit the clouds, what was just moments before a plain grey sky was now a magnificent dramatic background. I knew it would be a really nice image and it would have to be taken very quickly before it disappeared …. but I had a problem as I was holding the wrong camera.
With my background as a photo journalist I always work with 2 cameras (1 with a short zoom lens mounted and another with a wide angle lens) the reason being is that to capture moments you cannot spend time changing lenses on a camera as the moment will have past but by having a different camera & lens on each shoulder you can easily swap between the two – as was the case here and I quickly took up the camera with the wide angle lens fitted … but immediately another problem presented itself.
The low setting sun was shining straight into the lens and had I taken the picture they would have been vastly under exposed, but by using an old press photographers trick and by quickly getting and locking the exposure settings from the ground in front of them they were correctly exposed as were all the details in the clouds. Just after the image was taken the sun disappeared and the sky returned to being grey.

The fun thing was that Georgina & Neil had no idea of what was happening behind them with the dramatic sky and my own drama in capturing it, when they saw the image they were quite amazed.