London Wedding Photographers

Documentary Wedding Photography by Mark & Marianne Earthy

By far the most important consideration when choosing your wedding photographers is that you must love their style.

We will not ask you to make heart symbols with your hands or jump in the air. If you wish for this style of photography then we are the wrong photographers for you.


We are absolutely the right choice of photographers for you if you wish for a stunning documentation of your special day.
We do not arrange or control the events. We work unobtrusively in the background capturing the magic, the spontaneous emotions and the essence of the day. Our couples love the fact that they can simply enjoy the day and leave us to quietly document what happens around them their families and their friends.

Couple Portraits

We are aware that most couples are slightly self-conscious and feel uncomfortable with having their portraits taken yet at the same time wish for having a nice selection of these images. We are sensitive to your wishes and you will be in safe hands with us. We are more than happy to photograph your family group pictures.

Your Wedding Images

We do not use fad Photoshop filters and we do not follow the latest passing wedding photography trends.
Our images and your investment in them will stand the test of time. Our couples receive a very large selection of rich colour images many of which we have also converted into timeless black & white.
The mixture of colour and black & white images will look fantastic in your (optional) wedding album, during your wedding we will take some images that can be used as double page spreads in your album and they will look amazing.